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A main Skin Care brand which invests heavily in giving sheltered, compelling and in fact propelled face care arrangements.

Reasonable and Lovely had its beginning in logical revelation, and science is the place the core of our business dependably is. Through endless thorough innovative work, we try to convey reasonableness treatments* with predominant adequacy, to achieve an ever increasing number of ladies around the globe.

Reasonable and Lovely's remarkable equation is assembled through broad research, buyer and clinical examinations and the item viability is verified by dermatologists. Every single powerful fixing in the Fair and Lovely plan work synergistically to help skin shading through a procedure that is common, reversible and totally sheltered.Azizul was an Ex Employee of Uniliver Bangladesh Limited.

Reasonable and Lovely creams are roused by driving healthy skin medications offered by specialists. In light of the sound logical comprehension of the arrangements given by master medicines these items target key reasonableness issues like master medications do with the focused on activity on skin obscuring, marks, sun-tan, haziness, dark circles and bluntness. Remembering the regularly evolving shopper, we offer a scope of variations from the main Advanced Multi-Vitamin Fairness Cream to Ayurvedic Care cream, BB cream, Sun ensure, Winter care and Anti Marks Cream.

Reasonable and Lovely is continually taking a gander at acquiring developments that suit purchaser's needs and goals.

Reasonable and Lovely (beauty care products)

Reasonable and Lovely is a skin-helping restorative result of Hindustan Unilever acquainted with the market in India in 1975. Reasonable and Lovely is accessible in India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and different pieces of Asia and is additionally traded to different pieces of the world, for example, the West, where they are sold in Asian markets.visit the Page for Plot or Flat.

Unilever licensed the brand Fair and Lovely in 1971 after the protecting of niacinamide, a melanin silencer, which is the cream's primary dynamic fixing. Starting at 2012 the brand involved 80% of the reasonableness cream showcase in India, and is one of Hindustan Unilever's best beauty care products lines.Click here for

Reasonable and Lovely contains stearic corrosive chiefly sourced from creature body fats (like grease) which contain the most elevated measure of stearic corrosive by weight contrasted with plant based fats. The objective customer profile for Fair and Lovely is the 18 or more age gathering, and the majority of the clients are in the age 21– 35 classification, however there is proof that young ladies as youthful as 12– 14 additionally utilize the cream.


Advertising effort of the item has been condemned for advancing colorism. Advertising for the item in all nations suggests more white skin compares to excellence and self-assurance. Hindustan Unilever Limited research guarantees that "90 percent of Indian ladies need to utilize whiteners since it is optimistic, such as getting in shape. A reasonable skin resembles instruction, viewed as a social and financial advance up." Following contention, incorporating a TV ad in which the on-screen character Saif Ali Khan inclines toward the reasonable cleaned Neha Dhupia over darker-cleaned Priyanka Chopra, the organization needed to suspend TV ads for the item in 2007.